When we look at our communities and the world in which we live, it is easy to see the difficulties faced by families and individuals of all ages, from seniors to babies. Whether people are facing eviction, poverty, malnutrition, lack clean water, or many other deficiencies, there is hope through a network of co-conspirators that are interested in doing good things.

Live the Way is a network of like-minded friends that are committed to spreading faith, love, and hope in local neighborhoods, the United States, and throughout world by investing in people, responding to their needs, and encouraging sustainable living. Though we have been operating for just under two years, we have already seen needs met, tears of relief flow, and smiles on many faces. We believe that human kind has the ability to show love and care for others and that through the investment in people, our communities, families, and neighborhoods can be transformed.

Our current projects include the operation of local food pantries and clothing banks in Noblesville and Sheridan (Indiana), sustainable farming initiatives in abroad, community gardening in Noblesville, Indiana, and education, health, and support for hundreds of orphans in Uganda. We believe in changing our world and know that you do as well. However, we must take some initial steps to be more prepared to institute large-scale change.

We believe in the power of social communities and know that with your help, we can be prepared to meet more needs, bolster communities, and make a difference in many locations around our world. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit our website and know that together we can Live the Way.