Live the Way in partnership with Hope Refuge Schools is building an orphanage in Kachomo in Uganda, Africa. The goal is to build 21 buildings that will house and provide classrooms for over 1,000 orphans. Four of these building have been completed plus a well which provides clean water for the orphanage and surrounding villages.

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We need your help! 1,060 orphans are currently being cared for and are in need of shelter. Millions of children have been orphaned in Africa due to war, disease, and hunger. It is the goal of Hope Refuge Schools to build schools and wells across Africa.

Due to the AIDS epidemic and wars in northern Uganda, 1.2 million children have been left orphaned in the country of Uganda, Africa. It is the goal of Hope Refuge Schools to build orphanages/schools for as many of these children as we possibly can. Our current project is in the village of Kachomo near Mbale. There are currently 1,060 orphans in this area needing a place to live. Due to generous donations we have completed four buildings that serve as dormitories/classrooms. However, as soon as these buildings are completed they are filled to capacity.

Public school is not free in Uganda. It cost 900,000 shillings/year, that is approximately 340.00 US dollars. These children have no one to pay the fees for them, therefore it is necessary to provide an area for classrooms where they can attend school.

Clean drinking water is also a problem in this area. This past year we were able to complete a well which serves the orphanage and the area villages. Approximately 5,000 people are using this well.

In addition to the cost of constructing buildings, there is also the daily needs of the children. Many are HIV positive and require medications and proper nutrition. Feeding 1,060 children per day is a challenge. They usually eat one meal per day and that consist of a bowl of rice. There is also the problem of clothing the children.

The needs are many and at times overwhelming but we need your help now to change the lives of these children. With your help we will let each child know they are loved and that someone cares about them by providing a safe place for them to live, nutritional food, and clothing. The numbers are great but we can make a change one child at a time through Hope Refuge Schools.

If you are interested in supporting a child or multiple children, please contact us for more details or give directly via our fundraising website.  Your contribution is tax deductible!