2015 NCGP – New Website and Projects

The Noblesville Community Garden Project, a project of Live the Way, has started their official website, which can be found here!  They are also exploring the creation of a second, large scale community garden!  Please head over to the NCGP site for more information!


Fiskars – Project Orange Thumb Grant Winner!

Yay!  Live the Way, Inc. has been awarded a $5,000 grant from Fiskars – Project Orange Thumb!  We are so thankful for our partners and individual contributors to the Noblesville Community Garden Project and would like to thank Fiskars for believing in the work we are doing to create sustainable, edible green spaces in Noblesville…


Urban Farming in Noblesville

Do you know where your food comes from?  Who knows what gets injected, pumped, or sprayed on the produce and meats we all eat.  We want to take part in a revolution sweeping the nation and the cities of the world, a revolution in creating a local, sustainable food supply. LTW in partnership with many…


Helping Hands Project – Orphan Sponsorship Update

After reviewing our records and counting pledges, we are happy to announce that we are now supporting 26 children at the Hope Refuge Schools in Kachomo, Uganda!  This sponsorship program kicked off only a few weeks back and we’ve already seen a great outpouring of support and desire to serve these wonderful children.  With your…


Noblesville Community Garden Project

We’ve been talking about it for a year, but the community garden project is finally started to gather steam! We’ve received some generous in-kind donations already and are looking forward to sharing the entire project portfolio with you soon! For now though, here is a sneak peek of what we are planning and some information…


The LTW Website is Up!

After months of dragging our feet and focusing on other projects, we have finally gotten around to putting up the LTW website!  We know, it took way too long, but now that the site is live and ready to roll we want it to serve as a portal for information, an encouragement to spread the…