Noblesville Community Garden Project

Stand for Local, Sustainable Agriculture
We exist to engage current and future generations of local, organic growers by providing sustainable urban gardening space within the City of Noblesville in conjunction with innovative, yet ancient agricultural programs that challenge our community members to envision and work toward a healthy, edible future. For more information, please visit the official NCGP website!


Through our gardens and programs, we improve more than our community’s green space and access to local, sustainable produce.  We seek to provide comprehensive and innovative programs that connect youth and community members to agriculturally based activities, education, mentoring, job training, and business skill development.

We encourage the community to engage with us in efforts to create a more vibrant community through urban gardening in order to improve our community’s health, vitality, and sustainability by offering a green space that is both beautiful and functional.In addition to offering activities and programs to local, at-risk youth, we also open the garden and workshops to the community throughout the season.

How Do We Do It?

All of our programs and activities are built upon sustainable practices in regard to agriculture.  We believe in organic farming, self-produced compost, and distributing the harvest locally to area restaurants, food banks, and pantries as well as directly to those that are in need.

We employ guerrilla tactics in regard to utilizing as much of what is available in our community as possible.  Though we will not sacrifice wholesome and pure food practices, we will put recycled items to good use, such as leaves for composting and broken concrete for walkways.

Our intent in gardening and farming in the urban environment is to showcase what can be done to create a sustainable, local food supply in smaller spaces.  We will put permaculture on display, utilize both annual and perennial plantings, and create agricultural spaces that are sustainable.

The long-term goal of the Noblesville Community Garden Project is to reclaim and utilize all vacant, unusable  property in the City of Noblesville for edible, educational purposes.  Whether the properties are floodplain, deed restricted, or contaminated, we believe that agriculture can reclaim these spaces for the community, transforming them into edible green space and mitigating risk to the environment.  We believe that empty property doesn’t have to be empty, it can be utilized to produce fruits and vegetables through permaculture and food forest planning.

Current Partnerships::::

City of Noblesville / Sustain Noblesville / Vision Noblesville

The garden will surely be a place of relaxation, green space, and create vibrancy in our city. If you or anyone you know would like to partner with Live the Way in efforts to see this community garden come to fruition, please contact us!  There are partnership, named sponsorship, and primary sponsorship spots still open!  Get the word out and let the community and City of Noblesville know that you support this project!

To contribute to the success of this project, please visit our giving page.  For sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please contact us directly.