Noblesville Community Garden Project

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We’ve been talking about it for a year, but the community garden project is finally started to gather steam! We’ve received some generous in-kind donations already and are looking forward to sharing the entire project portfolio with you soon! For now though, here is a sneak peek of what we are planning and some information on how you can get involved!

The community garden is tentatively being planned for vacated lots in downtown Noblesville. This lot will allow us several thousand sq/feet of plantable space of which more than half will be in raised beds! Not only will the garden be available to the community, residents can reserve their own beds, take part in a produce sharing program, and just spend time in the garden relaxing.  Because of a desire and mission to impact the community, the primary program of activities to take place in the community garden will be with a focus on at-risk youth.  We are planning to partner with local schools and clubs to allow the garden to be used for education and youth initiatives that are geared toward:

  • Leadership Development
  • Business Skills through Managing Supply and a Produce Stand
  • Job Skills through Knowledge of Food Supply, Food Science, and Valuable Hands-on Training
  • Community Connections by Interfacing with Area Restaurants and Leaders
  • Mentorship of Youth Workers

The program and curriculum is in the works, but we are anticipating a major impact in Noblesville through a hands on approach to connecting youth to food, the environment, and the community.

In addition to vegetable and berry plant varieties, we are creating a large space on the street front of the garden specifically for those of you that enjoy ornamental gardening. This area will allow green thumbs to plant beautiful flowers and other botanicals.

The garden will surely be a place of relaxation, green space, and create vibrancy in our city. If you or anyone you know would like to partner with Live the Way in efforts to see this community garden come to fruition, please contact us!  There are partnership, named sponsorship, and primary sponsorship spots still open!  Get the word out and let the community and City of Noblesville know that you support this project!

To contribute to the success of this project, please visit our giving page.  For sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please contact us directly.


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