Urban Farming in Noblesville

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Do you know where your food comes from?  Who knows what gets injected, pumped, or sprayed on the produce and meats we all eat.  We want to take part in a revolution sweeping the nation and the cities of the world, a revolution in creating a local, sustainable food supply.

LTW in partnership with many other community members in Noblesville, Indiana recently met with the City of Noblesville and Sustain Noblesville to discuss a project aimed at bringing some knowledge and change to our city.  The Noblesville Community Garden Project is just a start to a larger LTW initiative aimed at providing our community with food knowledge and supporting the creation of local markets.  The gardens will be a micro-case of our desire to see urban farms pop up in every empty lot across our county and in every blighted city in America.  Not only will urban farming create jobs, nutrition, and opportunities, it will give our kids hope for a future that is currently in question.

It may be easy to purchase food at a big box store now, but what about in the future?  Would you be more comfortable feeding your kids something they can walk down the street and touch or something that came on a truck from who knows where?  We are creating an alternative to retail, returning to the basics and living sustainably.  Hopefully our endeavors spark interest in you and many others – here are just a few things coming soon!

  • Urban Orchards
  • Permaculture – Creating edible landscapes
  • Aquaponics – Symbiosis of fish and vegetables with an output of high-quality fertilizer
  • At-Risk Youth Mentorship – Through our urban farming activities we want to engage and mentor the youth of today

If you are interested in seeing a sustainable community, please share our vision and information with your friends!  We can use your support and grassroots involvement in our big experiment!


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